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The discovery and application of cubic boron nitride

In 1957, US researchers used artificial methods for the first time under the conditions of high temperature and pressure synthesis of cubic boron nitride, but the natural cubic boron nitride has not been found. Until 2009, the University of California, Riverside, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists and from China, the German research institutions counterparts in the southern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the southern part of the mountain about 306 km deep underground ocean crust rich.

This mineral was found in the chromestone, which crystallized at a high temperature of about 1,300 degrees Celsius and a high pressure of 118,430 atmospheres. The team named the new mineral named qingsongite (the suffix ite on behalf of the salt) with the name of Fang Qingsong, a professor of geology at the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. Fang Qingsong found diamonds for the first time in Tibet's chrome-rich rocks in the 1970s, and he also contributed to the discovery of four new minerals. "The uniqueness of qingsongite is that it is the first boron mineral to be found to be formed under extreme conditions in the depths of the earth." The geologist Lalisha, a geologist at the University of California, Riverside, "All other known boron minerals are found on the surface of the earth." Cubic boron nitride is an important technical material. Its atomic structure and diamond carbon atoms in the structure is similar, so it has a high density characteristics, hardness comparable to diamonds, often used as abrasive and tool materials.

The International Mineralogy Association receives at least 100 requests for approval of new minerals and their names each year, and so far more than 4,700 minerals have been confirmed. (Reporter Chen Dan) cubic boron nitride abrasive is not only capable of grinding materials processing, and is conducive to strictly control the shape and size of the workpiece accuracy, but also effectively improve the grinding quality of the workpiece to extend its service life, plus Cubic boron nitride abrasive production process in energy consumption and environmental pollution is better than ordinary abrasive, so the expansion of cubic boron nitride abrasive production and application of machinery industry is an inevitable trend.

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