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Hexagonal boron nitride - a new darling in the KEVIN cosmetics industry

The hexagonal boron nitride has a good lubrication. The lamellar crystal structure can improve the texture. As an additive, it is not only soft and smooth, but also has excellent adhesion and concealability, and can absorb excess oil and reduce viscosity. It is often added to the products of honey powder, foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and skin care formula, so that the cosmetic products are compact and easy to clean, and adding six BN to skincare products can increase lubrication and clarity.

The particle size of hexagonal boron nitride affects the final effect and use of the feel of the product. There are many kinds of cosmetics, such as eyeshadow, Foundation, powder, loose powder, lipstick and so on.The Eye and Shadow cosmetics can choose six square boron nitride with 13 micron (grain size), such as Kevin's new material H-BN-D type, which is suitable for the unique Silk smooth feeling, good skin affinity and oil absorption performance. Lipstick can choose from six micron boron nitride from 3 ~ 5 micron, and the particle size is relatively small. For lubrication.

1. Benefits of boron nitride

With the development of the cosmetics industry, users are starting to pursue moist, clear and durable cosmetics. These claims have been resolved in the presence of boron nitride produced by KEVINS.

First, hexagonal boron nitride is white in color and has light-scattering properties. This radiant effect has a cosmetic effect, can fade wrinkles and imperfections, and quickly turns the face moisturizing and white.

Second, hexagonal boron nitride nanomaterials can control the size of synthetic particles, improve the feel of cosmetics, and the hexagonal crystal structure makes cosmetics easier to push away. Therefore, the cosmetics added with boron nitride usually have better ductility, make the cosmetics more durable and significantly improve the user feeling.

In addition, hexagonal boron nitride can also absorb excess facial oil, make the paint evenly spread, transparent, non-toxic and many other benefits.

2. The use of boron nitride in cosmetics

(1) Sunscreen

The main material of sunscreen on the market is titanium dioxide, the function of which is to block ultraviolet rays. However, the hexagonal boron nitride sunscreen not only combines perfectly with titanium dioxide, but also completely insulates the skin from infrared and ultraviolet rays and makes the skin glow.

(2) lipstick

Boron nitride is an essential ingredient in lipstick and lip balm due to its moisturizing and shiny properties.

(3) Clear and white skin care products

Boron nitride has also been added to many expensive skincare products for quick hydration and whitening.

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