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1971-2021 TANYUN's 50th Anniversary
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Social Responsibility

Since establishment, TANYUN has abode laws and regulations and gaining support and recognition from the society. Participating the docking of "Tiangong-1 & Shenzhou-Ⅷ" and "Shenzhou-Ⅸ & Long March 2F". Tanyun has received awards including China Golden Bridge Award of Technology Market, Provincial Science and Technology Research Achievement Award. "TANYUN" is a "well-known trademark" recognized by the China State Council. we have obtained 48 provincial, ministerial, and municipal science and technology awards, achieved 44 technological achievements. Also, TANYUN has been paying Five Social Insurances (Endowment insurance, Medical insurance, Unemployment insurance, Maternity insurance and Industrial Injury Insurance) and the Housing Fund for employees on time. The enterprise has been paying all the necessary taxes with full amount regularly, and never received administrative penalty and penalty of tax evasion.

TANYUN’s Social Good Events

1. Dec, 4, 2007 Donated RMB 5000 for Yingkou’s underprivileged employees

2. May, 14,2008 Donated RMB 15000 For Wenchuan’s Earthquake (RMB5000 from President and RMB 10000 from employees)

3. Sep, 6, 2012 Donated RMB 2000 for the flood in Wolongquan (a town in Kougai County, Yingkou) on behalf of purchasing corns

4. Feb, 18, 2015 Donated RMB 36000 (RMB10000 from President and RMB 26000 from employees) for a burn girl in the accident of Dashi Bridge

5. Make Donation for mending the bridges in Yingkou

6. Lent enterprise buses for Haicheng Dabei Temple with no charges

7. The President of Tanyun has offered grants to two college students since 2013