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1971-2021 TANYUN's 50th Anniversary
Environmental Protection
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Environmental Protection

TANYUN has strictly abided laws and regulations of environmental protection, supervised and managed the work of environmental protection under government and relevant departments’ instructions and supervision. All the projects that TANYUN has constructed have passed the provincial and municipal environmental protection bureaus’ acceptance inspections, meeting all the legal requirements. TANYUN possesses a well-established managerial system of environmental protection and develops strategies of environmental pollution prevention, contingency plans of environmental emergencies and Three Level Measures of Prevention and Control.

Processing Plan Management

The processing sewage from the production cell in TANYUN is drained to the regulating pool, disposed with a series of processes (the processes include homogenization, equable amount, pH value adjustment) and separated into water and mud in the precipitator. The sludge will be disposed as solid wastes and the sewage will be desalinated in the desalination tower after oxidation and Fenton oxidation. The condensate water will only be drained after being disposed in the anaerobic reaction tower, hydrolysis acidification pool, contact oxidation pond and MBR pond respectively.

Main Equipment includes: 9 regulating pools, 3 sets of Coagulation settler, 5 sets of dosers, 4 Fenton Oxidation Ponds, 1 Desalination tower with triple effect evaporation, 1 hydrolysis acidification pool, 1 contact oxidation pond, 1 MBR pond, and other 40 equipment (including elevator pumps, Roots blowers, gas floatation clarifiers and plate-and-frame filter press)