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Perfume ingredient knowledge·Musk

Probably one of the best-known ingredients in the perfume world; Musk. An ingredient often used as a base note in a perfume. But where does Musk actually come from?

Musk is a strong-smelling secretion that comes from the scent glands of the male musk deer. As the deer gets older, it develops a gland that is a sort of pocket between the genitals and the navel. The strong-smelling secretion is used to attract mates. In addition to the musk deer, there are other animals that produce this strong-smelling secretion, namely the musk ox, musk beetle, and probably the best known the muskrat.

Until the late 19th century, natural musk was mostly used, but to obtain the fragrance the animal was killed. So that the gland could be removed and then dried, in the sun, on a hot stone or in hot oil. Since 1979 it is no longer allowed to use natural musk. Because of this, the price of natural musk on the black market can reach $ 45,000 per kilogram (about 160 deer), making it more valuable than gold.

Fortunately, there are some plants that emit a similar scent similar to musk. Today the Angelica, Musk Flower, Abelmosk, and Ambrette seeds are used as a replacement for animal musk. When the perfume world speaks of musk, it is a fragrant composition.

Synthetic musk
In addition, a synthetic musk can also be used. These can be divided into three main groups; aromatic nitro musks, polycyclic musk compounds, and macrocyclic musk compounds. The first two groups are used for perfume, cosmetics, and detergents, among other things.

Musk R-1 is a macrolide compound with a strong floral or pollen aroma. With a little adjustment, it can mimic the scent of natural musk and other animal perfumes, making it a good substitute for natural musk. At the same time, Musk R-1 is a good fragrance stabilizer, which has a lifting and soft effect, so that it can be used in high-end and mid-range cosmetics, especially suitable for various scents and lavender scents. Otherwise, the ethanol pretreatment used in the refining also has significant efficiency. In recent years, Musk R-1 has been highly rated in the international perfume industry, and also the market demand has increased year after year. Currently, it has become a good substitute for natural musk.

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