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Amorphous Boron Powder (Agglomerated)

Executive standard: Q/TY·J08.22-2018
CAS NO. 7440-42-8
English alias: Agglomerated boron particle for propellant
Chinese alias: Agglomerated boron powder for propellant, agglomerated monomer boron for propellant (推进剂用团聚硼粉,推进剂用团聚单体硼)

Product parameters

Executive standard: Q/TY·J08.22-2018

English alias: Boron Powder, Monomer Boron

CAS RN: 7440-42-8

1. Physical and chemical properties:

1.1 Decomposition temperature of adhesive: <200℃
1.2 Solubility: The binder in agglomerated boron is insoluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and ether, but soluble in water.
1.3 Properties: Stable at room temperature. When heated to 200℃, the binder in the agglomerated boron is decomposed and dispersed into fine elemental boron particles, which will burn at 700℃ and can be used as a high calorific value fuel.

2. Technical indexes:

Item Index
1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade
Appearance Light brown to gray black powder
Granularity/mesh 20~40 40~60 60~100
Bulk density/(g/cm3) ≥0.65 ≥0.60 ≥0.50
Total boron content/% ≥81.0 ≥81.0 ≥81.0
Compatibility with HTPB/mPa·s (90min viscosity) ≤80000 ≤80000 ≤80000
Broken rate/% ≤10.0 ≤10.0 ≤10.0
PH value (10% aqueous solution) 6.5~8.5 6.5~8.5 6.5~8.5
Moisture/% ≤1.00 ≤1.00 ≤1.00

Note: *Based on the addition of 92% of the total boron content of amorphous element boron.

3. Application: Agglomerated boron for propellant is mainly used in solid rocket ramjet engines. It is a high-energy fuel for fuel-rich propellant. This product uses a binder to agglomerate fine element boron particles into micron particles, which solves the problem of fine element boron in the propellant. The problem of limited particle addition; moderate agglomerated boron strength solves the compatibility problem of the hydroxyl-terminated binder prepolymer, and can also adjust the fuel performance of the propellant.

4. Safety instructions: Toxic by ingestion and inhalation. The damage of central nervous system, stomach and intestinal stimulation, ig. boron poisoning, are caused by inhalation of boron. Eyes bear slight stimulation as well. Be handled with rubber gloves, a respirator and eye protection by wearing protective clothing.

5 Packing: Vacuum-packaging. Aluminum foil bag with plastic bag, 1 kg net each.

6. Storage: Stored at cool, dry and ventilate place. The shelf life is 12 months after manufactured date. It is still available if the retest results of the properties are qualified after expired date

7. Transportation:Avoid rain, sunlight and crash. Do not mix with strong oxidizer.


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