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Characteristics and application fields of boron nitride ceramics

In nitride ceramics, compared to aluminum nitride and silicon nitride, which has been popular in recent years, boron nitride BN is very low. There are two reasons: one is the high technical threshold, the other is the small market space. This is also characteristic of almost all niche markets (highly specialized markets).

Among them, the high-purity boron nitride ceramics have excellent high temperature resistance; the composite boron nitride ceramic sacrifices high temperature resistance in exchange for the improvement of power in various directions, such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance and so on.

One of the important areas of application for high purity boron nitride ceramics is the semiconductor industry. "In this area, some hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics have been used to replace the pyrolytic (CVD) boron nitride (PBN). The main premise to achieve this is to control the content of impurities, including oxygen, silicon, aluminum and other impurities in powder raw materials, and oxygen content is the most important.

Boron nitride can be used to make crucible for melting semiconductor, high temperature vessel for metallurgy, semiconductor heat dissipation and insulation parts, high temperature bearings, thermowell and glass forming die, etc.

Performance features

Purity> 99%, the product is not bound, the product is not contaminated and the service life is long.

The maximum operating temperature is 2100 ℃, resistant to repeated impact at high and low temperature and resistant to carbon corrosion.

It can be used for sintering and melting of alloys, ceramics, rare earth and other materials. Also used for evaporating electron beams.

Precautions for use:

Boron nitride is easy to absorb moisture. The crucible cannot be stored in the wet room and washed with water. It can be wiped directly with sandpaper or wiped with alcohol.

If the air temperature does not exceed 1000 ℃, the contact surface of boron nitride and oxygen is oxidized and peeled off.

Direction of application of boron nitride crucible

Boron nitride crucible can be used for sintering and melting metal materials, rare earth, ceramic and other materials. Resistance to thermal shock and corrosion, not react with metal and ceramic materials, not adhesive. It can replace the graphite and alumina crucible by extinguishing continuously at 1500 qu to 900 10 for 10 minutes continuously.