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Antioxidant IPPD/4010NA

Executive standard: Q/YTY002-2011
CAS NO.101-72-4
English name: N-isopropyl-N`-phenylenediamine
English alias: Antioxidant 4010NA

Product parameters

Executive standard: Q / YTY002-2011

English Name: N-isopropyl-N`-phenylenediamine

English alias: Antioxidant 4010NA

CAS RN: 101-72-4

1.Physical and chemical properties:

1.1Molecular formula: C15H18N2

1.2Molecular weight: 226.32

1.3 Structure formula:
1.4 Density: 1.14 g/cm3
1.5 Solubility: Dissolve in oil, benzene, ethyl acetate, carbon tetrachloride, dichloromethane, chloroform, carbon disulfide, acetone and ethanol. Hardly dissolve in gasoline. Insoluble in water.
1.6 Boiling point: 366℃
1.7 Stability and reactivity: Flammable, volatile and slight toxic. Its powder can be explosive when mixed with air. When it’s exposed to air or sunlight, the product will be oxidized and change its color easily.

2. Technical indexes:

Initial melting point, ℃
≥ 70
Ash content (800 ℃), %(m/m)
≤ 0.30
Decrement by heating, %(m/m)
≤ 0.50
Purity, %(m/m)
≥ 95.0
violet gray sheet crystal

3. Application: Antioxidant IPPD is a kind of polluting anti-oxidation agent in various rubbers. It has good performance for oxygen and ozone resistance, flexible and crack resistance, cracks by sunlight and inhibition of harmful metal ions like copper and manganese. It is mainly used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber, it can disperse easily in the rubber and has no harmful effect on vulcanization. There is no frost during vulcanization if the dosage is less than 2 parts. When used alone, it has good anti-oxidation effect. It can also be used with RD, BLE, AW and microcrystal wax. The normal dosage in natural rubber is about 2.5~3.0 parts, and less than 4 parts in styrene butadiene rubber. It can also be used as the thermal and oxygen stabilizer in polyethylene, polypropylene and acrylic resin.

Use: TANYUN industrial antioxidants have been used to protect rubber and plastic goods from thermal oxidation. Our antioxidants are the key to extending the life cycle of our customers' products and reducing service life costs. Industrial antioxidants deliver a range of direct and indirect performance attributes to end-use products, including protection from softening, hardening, brittleness and stickiness. TANYUN antioxidants are used in many diverse applications, including latex-based products, such as gloves, elastic threads, carpet backing and foams, as well as polymer stabilization for ABS, PVC, CPVC, and TPE compounds, industrial rubber products and tires, agrichemistry (intermediates), adhesives (pressure sensitive and hot melt), and lubricants.

4. Safety instructions: Toxic. Be handled with rubber gloves, respirator and protective clothing.
5. Package: Woven bag with inner plastic bag, 25 kg net each.
6. Storage: Stored at cool, dry and ventilate place. Shelf life: 12 months. It is still available if he retest results of the properties are qualified after expired date.
7. Transportation: Avoid rain, moist, high temperature and sun-baked.


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