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Boron Crystalline Powder

Executive standard: Q/YTY002-2011
CAS NO. 7440-42-8
English alias: Boron Single Crystal, Crystalline Boron Powder
Chinese alias: 硼晶体; 单晶硼

Product parameters

Executive standard: Q/YTY002-2011

English alias: Boron Single Crystal, Crystalline Boron Powder

CAS RN: 7440-42-8

1. Physical and chemical properties:

1.1 Elementary symbol: B

1.2 Atomic weight: 10.81 (on 1979 international atomic weight)

1.3 Melting point: 2300±2℃

1.4 Sublimation temperature: 2550℃

1.5 Density: 2.34-2.37 g/cm3

1.6 Solubility: Insoluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether and hydrochloric acid. Dissolved in cold concentrated basic solution and produced H2 at the same time. It can be oxidized by concentrated sulfuric acid or nitric acid and produce boric acid.

1.7 Properties: It is tasteless and odorless. In the periodic table of elements, boron is between metal element series and non-metal element series. Boron has many characteristics, such as, strong electronegative, low atomic radius, and centralized nuclear charge, therefore, the chemical properties of boron are relatively active. The non-metal property of boron is similar to that of silicon. At high temperature, boron can react with oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, halogen or carbon, etc. Boron is stable at normal temperature, but it will be oxidized when heated to 300℃  and burned if heated to 700℃. . Boron can be combined directly with many sorts of metals to form metal boride.

2. Technical indexes:

Item Index
1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade
Total Boron(B) content, % 99.9999 99.9 95.0 92 90
Water soluble Boron(B) content, % ≤0.60 ≤0.60 ≤0.60 ≤0.80 ≤1.00
pH value 2.0-8.0
Moisture content, % ≤1.00 ≤1.00 ≤1.00 ≤1.00 ≤1.00
H2O2 insoluble, % ≤0.70 ≤0.70 ≤0.70 ≤0.70 ≤1.50
Particle size(d50), µm 1.00~5.00
Appearance Pale brown or brown-black powder

3. Application: Boron has been used mainly in metallurgy, electronics, medicine, ceramics, nuclear industry and chemical industry etc. Boron has also been used in the forms of compounds or as an additive in alloys. In addition, it can be used as the gas scavenger in metallurgy of some special alloy and smelted steels, the ignitor in the electric industry, the control rod of atomic reactor, and the high-energy fuels for ducted solid rocket. Boron is the important raw material for manufacturing high-purity halogenated boron and for a variety of borides. Some rare noble metals can be substituted by boron. Boron and its compounds can also be used as the catalysts of some organic chemical reactions.

4. Safety instructions: Toxic by ingestion and inhalation. The damage of central nervous system, stomach and intestinal stimulation, ig. boron poisoning, are caused by inhalation of boron. Eyes bear slight stimulation as well. Be handled with rubber gloves, a respirator and eye protection by wearing protective clothing.

5 Packing: Vacuum-packaging. Aluminum foil bag with plastic bag, 1 kg net each.

6. Storage: Stored at cool, dry and ventilate place. The shelf life is 12 months after manufactured date. It is still available if the retest results of the properties are qualified after expired date

7. Transportation:Avoid rain, sunlight and crash. Do not mix with strong oxidizer.


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Tanyun has R&D Center located in Hangzhou with leading experts and PhDs in chemistry,

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Tanyun have created 47 patents. including 17 invention patents (including 2 patents of national defense), and have developed over 20 kinds of customized chemicals for the customers. in which 3 products, copper chromite dehydrogenation catalyst, have been already accepted in batch production by customer. 6 products, efficient curing agent, have been applied in pilot trials and pilot production by customers.

More than 10 kinds of chemicals have been in R&D, such as nano-waterproof materials, oil additives and fine chemical intermediates.

TANYUN produces boron, ferrocene, and more series of chemicals, which cannot be all listed on the website. For more information about products and MSDS, please contact ty@tanyunchem.com. You can also consult related product customization and latest research and development information.