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The drill made of boron nitride for oil drilling

Because the oil and natural gas are buried in the deep underground, If you want to dig up the oil must go down drilling, which will use the drill bit. The drill is made of boron nitride from super hard materials. It can also be made into oil drilling bits for high-speed Cutting tools and geological exploration. The oil drilling made of boron nitride ma bit Features:

1, The adopting of floating bearing structure, floating components from high strength, high flexibility, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance characteristics of the new material, the surface is treated by the solid lubricant. It reduce the relative speed of the bearing while reducing the friction surface temperature rise, and can effectively improve the high pressure or high speed drilling process conditions, bearing life and bearing reliability.

2, The adopting of high-precision metal seal. The metal seal is sealed by a carefully designed metal seal ring as a bearing, and two highly elastic rubber energies are located in the palm and the seal area of the teeth as a static seal. The optimized seal compression ensures two A metal ring seal surface always maintains good contact.

3, Steel ball teeth, to adapt to high speed.

4, The adopting of can limit the pressure and prevent drilling fluid into the lubrication system of the whole rubber reservoir, for the bearing system provides a good lubrication guarantee.

5, It can be resistant to 250 ° C high temperature, wear-resistant new grease.

6, Tooth drill bit with high strength and high toughness of cemented carbide teeth, optimized design of the teeth row, the number of teeth, exposed teeth and unique alloy tooth profile, give full play to the high wear resistance and excellent cutting capacity. The new wear-resistant material of the steel tooth bit welding and welding of the steel tooth bit improves the life of the drill bit while maintaining the high drilling speed of the steel drill bit.

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