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Aluminum Powder

Execution standard: GJB1738-93
CAS NO. 7429-90-5
English Name: Fine Aluminium Powder, Atomized Aluminum Powder

Product parameters

Execution standard: GJB1738-93
English Name: Specially fine Aluminium Powder, Atomized Aluminum Powder
CAS RN: 7429-90-5

1. Profile: Aluminum powder, commonly known as "silver powder", that is, the silver metal pigment, YISHION aluminum foil with a small amount of lubricant, smashed by crushing to scale powder, and then polished. The aluminum powder is light in weight, high in floating force, strong in covering power, and good in reflection of light and heat. After treatment, it can also be a non floating aluminum powder. Aluminum powder can be used to identify fingerprints and make fireworks. Aluminum powder is a large class of metallic pigments because of its wide use, large demand and variety.

Aluminum Active aluminum Fe Cu Si Zn H2O
≥99.7% ≥98.5% ≤0.10% ≤0.01% ≤0.08% ≤0.02% ≤0.10%

2. Application: High-purity spherical aluminum power can be used in the field as follows:

Top class metal pigments.
Composite metal with high precision.
Conductive paint;Solar elec trade.
Chemical industry;catalyst,etc
Metallurgy(aluminothermy,steel-making deoxidizing agents)
Fire-resistant materials(magnesia alumina bricks for steel-making facilities)
New construction materials(aerating agents for aerated concrete)
Fireworks,firecrackers and etc.

Use: It is mainly used in chemical raw materials, metal coatings and solid rocket propellants.

3. Packaging: 50Kg iron drum is lined with plastic bags and can be packed according to user needs.

4. Storage: It is not allowed to toss or bump when packing and drying.

5. Transportation: During transportation, we should avoid rain, humidity, riot and sun, and not mix with strong oxidants.


We are able to develop custom-made products according to the clients'requests

We have 5 R&D bases (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Yingkou, Shenzhen), hundreds of synthesis leading experts and PhDs in chemistry.

We own experienced R&D capability and rich experience in production, and provides you with a variety of organic chemicals, medical intermediates research, development, production, etc. on behalf of a range of high quality customized service.

As of 2015, We have developed over 60 kinds of custom chemicals for the customers, and 3 kind products, such as copper chromite dehydrogenation catalyst, have already consigned a usage in batch with customer sign-off. 2 invention patents have been applied. 6 kinds of customized products, such as efficient curing agent, have been applied in pilot trials and pilot production by customers.

More than 10 kinds of chemicals have been in R&D, such as nano-waterproof materials, oil additives and fine chemical intermediates.

TANYUN produces boron, ferrocene, solid propellant and more series of chemicals, which cannot be all listed on the website. For more information about products and MSDS, please contact ty@tanyunchem.com. You can also consult related product customization and latest research and development information.