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Tanyun Technology Group updates environmental protection measures

The chemical industry is one of the key industries of China's economy. Strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection is an important strategic deployment of the 18th National Congress of the country and a necessary way to achieve sustainable social development. Tanyun Chemical Research Institute has decided to integrate the concept and technology of environmental protection with production to ensure that the production process is green and environmentally friendly.

Although China's domestic economy and industrial technology have made great progress, there are still many worrying problems, among which environmental pollution has become a key factor hindering further development. As a result, Tanyun Chemical Research Institute and Suzhou Huantai Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. further cooperated and signed an agreement on the optimization and upgrade of the sewage treatment system project of the Yingkou production base at the signing ceremony on October 12.

Tanyun Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd. continues to develop, and the demand for chemical products is increasing year by year. The previous sewage treatment system has been operating at full capacity and cannot meet new production needs. TANYUN optimized and upgraded the system. The transformation project adopted advanced sewage desalination, physical chemistry and production technology systems, and the sewage treatment capacity was increased to 480 tons per day. The upgraded sewage treatment system provides guarantee for TANYUN to realize customized services for fine chemical R&D and production, as well as ODM services. Tanyun Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd. has made improvements in dust and chemical odor protection systems to reach the international environmental protection level.

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