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Governor Liu Ning inspects the exhibition hall of TANYUN Technology Group

On September 19, 2020, Liu Ning, the governor of Liaoning Province, visited the exhibition hall of TANYUN Technology Group and spoke highly of TANYUN’s contribution to the aerospace industry.

Chairman Lu Debin introduced the company's high-tech products to Governor Liu Ning

After listening to Lu Debin, Chairman of TANYUN Technology Group, introduced the company's scientific research results and development plans, Governor Liu Ning said that the rapid development of the national aerospace industry and TANYUN New Materials have a heavy responsibility and hope that the company will continue to contribute to the country.

TANYUN high-tech products

TANYUN Technology Group was founded in 1971. It is a technology-based enterprise that takes research institute genes as its core and has basic research capabilities, pilot-level scientific research capabilities, industrialized production systems, product technology application service capabilities, and global marketing layout.
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