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p-Benzoquinone Dioxime

Executive standard: Q/TY·J08.33-2023
CAS NO. 105-11-3
English alias: 1,4-cyclohexadienedione dioxime, 1,4-Benzoquinone dioxime
English abbreviation: PBQD

Product parameters

Executive standard: Q/TY·J08.33-2023

English alias: 1,4-cyclohexadienedione dioxime, 1,4-Benzoquinone dioxime
English abbreviation: PBQD, GMF

CAS RN: 105-11-3

1. Physical and chemical properties:

1.1 Molecular formula: C6H6N2O2

1.2 Molecular weight: 138.1256

1.3 Structure formula:

Structure formula

1.4 Solubility:<0.01g/100mL H2O, 22.5℃. Dissolved in ethanol, and slightly dissolved in acetone, but insoluble in water, benzene and gasoline.

1.5 Stability and reactivity: Stable at normal temperature and pressure, flammable, and decomposed in high temperature.

2. Technical indexes:

Item Index
Content(HPLC), %(m/m) ≥98.0
Loss of weight in drying, %(m/m) ≤1.0
Scorch residue (in Sulphate), %(m/m) ≤0.50
Particle size, μm ≤10
Appearance Brown crystal

3.Application: It has been used as the vulcanizing agents for butyl rubber, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, especially for butyl rubber, as well as analytical agent, etc. It has been used as a vulcanizing agent for butyl rubber, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, and polysulfide "ST" type vulcanized rubber, it is especially suitable for butyl rubber. Oxidants have an active effect on it. It is easy to disperse in the rubber compound, vulcanizes quickly, and the tensile strength of the vulcanized rubber is high. The critical temperature is relatively low, and it tends to burn. Adding some anti-scorch agents, thiurams, thiazoles, and dithiocyanoformate accelerators can effectively improve the safety factor of using.

Use: 1)Accelerator & vulcanizer for rubber;


3)Used as a non-sulfur vulcanization accelerator by direct reacting with peroxy-free radical to tie up free radicals and metal adhesion promoter between metal and rubber;

4)Used as a vulcanizing agent for EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene rubber) to improve heat resistance;

5)Used as a curing agent for coating system and electrical encapsulation.

4. Safety instructions: Toxic. Operation must be installed with rubber gloves, a respirator and eye protection by wearing protective clothing to avoid contacting with skin and inhalation. Stay away with fire and heat source of high temperature.

5. Packing: Kraft paper bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 20 kg per bag

6. Storage: Stored in a cool, ventilated place. The shelf life is 12 months after manufacturer date. It is still available if retest result is qualified after expire date

7. Transportation: Avoid water, exposure and violent collision .Do not transport with strong oxidizers.


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Tanyun has R&D Center located in Hangzhou with leading experts and PhDs in chemistry,

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Tanyun have created 47 patents. including 17 invention patents (including 2 patents of national defense), and have developed over 20 kinds of customized chemicals for the customers. in which 3 products, copper chromite dehydrogenation catalyst, have been already accepted in batch production by customer. 6 products, efficient curing agent, have been applied in pilot trials and pilot production by customers.

More than 10 kinds of chemicals have been in R&D, such as nano-waterproof materials, oil additives and fine chemical intermediates.

TANYUN produces boron, ferrocene, and more series of chemicals, which cannot be all listed on the website. For more information about products and MSDS, please contact ty@tanyunchem.com. You can also consult related product customization and latest research and development information.