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Lead Salicylate

Executive standard: WJ2131-93
CAS RN: 15748-73-9
UN RN: 2292

Product parameters

Executive standard: WJ2131-93
CAS RN: 15748-73-9
UN RN: 2292

1. Physical and chemical properties:

1.1 Molecular formula: C7H4O3Pb

1.2 Molecular Weight: 343.2

1.3 Solubility: Insoluble in water.

1.4 Stability and reactivity: Stable at normal temperature and pressures. It will decompose when meeting nitric or acetic acid. Moisture absorption.

2. Technical indexes:

Item Index
Lead content, %(m/m) 59.35~61.36
Moisture, %(m/m) ≤2
pH for water extractives 5~6
Lead ion (Pb2+) none
Pass rate (by standard sieve of 120-mesh), % 100
Appearance White to pink powder, no visible impurities

3. Application: Lead salicylate has been used as a burning rate catalyst in solid propellants, especially for adjusting the combustion performance of nitramine modified double base propellant to reduce pressure coefficient and temperature coefficient, when it was added into the high energy additive. It can be applied separately or coordinated with other combustion catalyst such as Cu.

4. Safety instructions: Toxic. Operation must be installed with synthetic rubber gloves and dust masks to prevent skin contact and dust inhalation.

5. Packing: Kraft paper bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kgs per each.

6. Storage: Stored in a cool, ventilated place. The shelf life is 12 months after manufacturer date. It is still available if retest result is qualified after expire date.

7. Transportation: Avoid water and exposure during transportation. Do not mix with strong oxidizers or food.

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