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DOS/Dioctyl Sebacate

Executive standard: GJB l967-94
Chines alias: 癸二酸二异辛酯,癸二酸二(2-乙基己)酯
English abbreviation: DOS
CAS RN: 122-62-3

Product parameters

Executive standard: GJB l967-94

Chines alias: 癸二酸二异辛酯,癸二酸二(2-乙基己)

English abbreviation: DOS

CAS RN: 122-62-3

1. Physical chemical properties:

1.1 Molecular formula: C26H5004

1.2 Molecular weight: 426.68

1.3 Structure formula:


1.4 Melting point: -67℃

1.5 Boiling point: 212℃

1.6 Specific gravity: 0.914

1.7 Flash point: 215℃

1.8 Solubility: Insoluble in water, but dissolved in acetone, ether, ethanol.

1.9 Refractive index: 1.450-1.455

1.10 Stability and reactivity: Stable at normal temperature and pressure conditions. It will burn when meeting with any strong oxidizer.

2. Technical indexes:

Item Index
Colority(Pt-Co) , number ≤30
Acidity(into acetic acid), %(m/m) ≤0.02
Saponification value, (mg OH/g sample) 420-445
Refractive index, n25 1.4330-1.4350
Moisture, %(m/m) ≤0.10
Appearance Transparent clear liquid without visible machinery impurity

3. Application: DOS has been applied to vinyl chloride co-polymers, cellulose, CDDP-ms and synthetic rubber, especially suitable to product hardy wire and cable material, artificial leather, thin film, panel and sheet, etc. It has been used to mix with phthalates plasticizer, and to be low-temperature plasticizer for synthesized rubber. In addition, it has been used as the lubricant of the jet engine. It has been used to the system of solid propellant to improve the mechanical properties, to decrease Tg and increase the percentage elongation of solid propellant at low temperature. Also, it can decrease the viscosity of propellant paste to increase the fluidity and flow leveling with good processing property. The dosage is 10%~40% weight to the binder.

4. Packing: Available in 200 liter galvanized iron drum, Net weight:180 kg/drum.

5. Storage: Stored in a cool, ventilated place. Casks should be sealed with nitrogen. Avoid heat and exposure. The shelf life is 12 months after manufacturer date. It is still available if retest result is qualified after expire date.

6. Transportation: Keep upright. Avoid exposure and collision. Keep away from the strong oxidizers.

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