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Borax Decahydrate

CAS NO.1303-96-4
English Name:Borax Decahydrate
Chines alias: 十水合硼砂

Product parameters

Chines alias: 十水合硼砂

English Name:Borax Decahydrate

CAS RN  :1303-96-4

1、Physical and Chemical Properties:

1.1、Molecular formula:Na2B4O7.10H20

1.2、Molecular weight:381.37

2、Technical Index:

Item Index
Purity % ≥95


Glass and glass fiber
In the manufacture of insulating glass wool, textile fiberglass and borosilicate glass (heat-resistant glass, electric light source glass, glass burner, drugs, cosmetics bottles, hollow beads, optical lenses, sealed glass) and other areas, as provided by oxidation boron materials.

Ceramic and enamel glazes
Pentahydrate borax (Neobor) increase ceramics’ (such as tiles, tableware, ceramics and enamel device, etc.) compressive strength, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. As the thermal expansion coefficient of B2O3 on the control of making the glaze to adapt the line to improve, but also can reduce the melting temperature of B2O3, prevent loss through. Makes the product more smooth and more perfect.
Other applications

Fertilizer, detergent, bleach detergent, flame retardant, antirust, binder, stabilizer, emulsifier etc.

4、Property:Colorless translucent crystals or white crystalline powder. Odorless, taste salty. Soluble in water and glycerine easily, slightly soluble in alcohol. Weakly alkaline aqueous solution. Borax in the air can be slowly weathering. Borax are sterilization, oral harmful to people

5、Package:two layer of plastic bag inside ,outside is woven bag,net weight is 50 kgs。

6、Storage:It should be stored in a shady, ventilating and dry storehouse. Its shelf life is one year. It can be still used if up to standard through retest after the specified date under normal storage condition, sodium borate is a stable crystal, and can’t lead to chemical change.

7、Transportation : Should avoid rain drenched, moistened, and can’t take mixed transporting with strong oxidants during transportation.


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