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Founded in 1971,Tanyun Aerospace Materials (Yingkou) Technology Co., Ltd. (Tanyun Aerospace Materials) is the parent company of Tanyun Technology Group. Currently covering an area of about 12000 square meters, TANYUN is China's first technological platform company of "Chemical New Materials Production and Research Incubator" and the first domestic custom-made research and production company of fine chemicals intermediate.

Since Establishment, TANYUN has been dedicating to the development, production and sale of fine chemical intermediates. The company has closely followed the strategies of Civil-Military Integration and made continuous innovation. For years, it has undertaken over 80 domestic and foreign key research projects and been awarded over 50 municipal, provincial and national prizes for progress in science and technology. The products have been widely applied in areas including aviation, aerospace, military industry, civil industry and been sold to over 20 countries and areas, gaining wide recognition at home and abroad.

Strongly supported by the group company’s abundant resources, TANYUN established an Industrialization Experiments Center (with domestic advanced level) in Yingkou and set up world-class Technological R&D Centers and R&D laboratories in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou respectively. With the strong strength in research and development, Tanyun can provide high quality products tailored to the needs of domestic and foreign clients.

Tanyun has led other enterprises and research institutes to establish the National Fine Chemicals Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliances, focusing on the in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes and colleges. With the advanced technological support from over 100 academicians, doctors,


professors and experts, Tanyun has become an comprehensive company with an ecological system which contains research, development, production, technical transformation and service. The company has become one of the best companies that provide specialized intermediate products that can meet the unique needs of clients.

With the group company’s support and technological advantages, Tanyun has received numerous awards and prizes, including National Hi-Tech Enterprise, Qualification of Liaoning Enterprise Technology Center, Liaoning Model Integrity Enterprise, National Model Credit Enterprise. The company also possesses the Qualification of National-Level Chemical Enterprise Inspection. The trademark of  Tanyun has been recognized as China Famous Brand by Trademark Office of State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

Determined to forge ahead. Strive for excellence. Gaining huge success and achievements, TANYUN always has the mind with no arrogant and rash; facing challenges, TANYUN is progressing forward steadily. Taking the opportunity of the country’s economics overall upgrading and transformation, TANYUN has been keeping up with the pace. Based on the strong strength of research and development and the excellent long-lasting spirit of craftsman, Tanyun will take actions and go onto the world stage, closely following the national strategy of the Belt and Road. With the strong customer-oriented service, Tanyun will try to become an excellent national brand with the vision of becoming BASF in China!


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