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Qaidam Basin has become China's largest boron production base

Boron trioxide is also known as boron oxide, colorless glassy crystals or powder, the melting point of 450 ° C. Slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in hot water. With a strong water absorption and into boric acid, it should be kept in a dry environment, to prevent the deterioration by water content caused.

At present, China's largest production base of boron oxide is located in the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai Province, Qaidam Basin has proven 11.271 million tons of boron oxide reserves. The large amount of boron resources in the Qaidam Basin and the Qiaodan Lake area are the highest in the total amount of boron resources in the Qaidam Basin. 

According to the 2005 Qinghai Qaidam Comprehensive Geological Survey Brigade submitted "Qinghai Dachaidan Lake boron mine brine mine supplementary exploration report" shows that the Dachaidan Lake intergranular brine part of the resource reserves of 2,895,000 tons of potassium chloride, liquid trioxide Dibalt 455,500 tons, lithium chloride 30.19 million tons. 

In recent years, Dachai Industrial and Commercial Committee to build Qaidam circular economy boron industry chain strategic concept, the use of existing boron resources and other auxiliary resources to encourage and guide the development process, the effective extension of the chain of resources to form a salt lake chemical, fine chemicals as the core Of the big Chai Dan chemical industry area. 

To Xinghua lithium salt, boron lithium as a leader of the eight companies have built 50,000 tons of boric acid, 0.6 million tons of lithium chloride, 10,000 tons of borax, 10,000 tons of magnesium sulfate production capacity, under construction in the 0.5 million tons of chlorination Lithium and co-production of 12,500 tons of fine boric acid, 0.2 million tons of bromine project. The first half of this year, the production of 20,700 tons of boric acid, the total industrial output value of 103 million yuan.