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Executive standard: GJB 1327A-2003

English name : Hydroxyl-terminated Polybutadiene

English alias: HTPB

CAS RN:69102-90-5

1. Physical and chemical properties:
1.1 Product brief: HTPB is a liquid teleclaw polymer and a type of rubbers. It reacts with chain extender, cross-linking agent or curative at room temperature or high temperature to form the three-dimensional network structure of thermosetting polymer. It has excellent characteristics, such as, good mechanical properties, hydrolysis resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, cold temperature tolerance, electrical insulating property.

1.2 Structure formula:

HTPB molecular formula

2. Technique Indexes:

Item Index
Type I Type I-Modified Type II Type III Type
Hydroxyl value, mmol/g 0.47-0.53 0.54-0.64 0.65-0.70 0.71-0.80
Moisture, % ≤0.050
H2O2 content, % ≤0.040 ≤0.050
Viscosity(40), Pa·s ≤9.5 ≤8.5 ≤4.0 3.5
Mn(×103)(VPO/GPC) 3.80-4.60 4.00-4.60 3.30-4.10 3.00-3.60 2.70-3.30
Volatilization loss, % ≤9.5 ≤8.5
Appearance Transparent oily liquid, no visible impurities

3. Application: It is transparent, low viscosity, age resistance, good low-temperature performance and processability. It is used to be casting elastomer for the structural materials for the tyre of automobile and aeroplane, building materials, shoe materials, rubber products, thermal insulation, coating, adhesive, encapsulating material, electrical insulating material, waterproof and anti-corrosion material, racetrack, wear-resisting conveyer belt, modification additive for rubber and epoxy resin, etc.

Use: 1) Binder, such as HTPB r45m is used as a binder for solid rockets in the aerospace industry;
2) Adhesives, which connect objects through adhesion and cohesion from the surface;
3) Paint, applied to the surface of the object being protected or decorated, and can form a continuous film firmly attached to the object being coated;
4) Industrial rubber materials such as tires (belts, shock-proof rubber) and industrial rubber materials with complex shapes (safety parts for vehicles such as bumpers, etc.);
5) Sealing materials, joint filling materials;
6) Raw materials of artificial leather, elastic fiber, etc.;
7) Foam plastics and excellent impact absorption materials;
8) Modifier of rubber plastic;
9) Electrical parts materials and potting materials for electrical parts materials;
10) Shoes materials;
11) Materials for ship deck, ceiling and paving.

4. Package: 50L white polyethylene plastic bucket with mouth diameter no less than 100 mm, 50 kg per bucket.

5. Storage:Stored at cool, dry and ventilate place. The best storage condition is between -20~38℃. Shelf life: 12 months. It is still available if the retest results of the properties are qualified after expired date.

6. Transportation: Avoid rain and sun-baked. Don't mix with strong oxidizer.

Hydroxyl-terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) MSDS:
2.Hazard identification
3.Composition/information on ingredients
4.First-aid measures
5.Fire-fighting measures
6.Accidental release measures
7.Handling and storage
8.Exposure controls/personal protection
9.Physical and chemical properties
10.Stability and reactivity
11.Toxicological information
12.Ecological information
13.Disposal considerations
14.Transport information
15.Regulatory information
16.Other information

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