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Yang Luxin

Name: Yang Luxin

Professional Title: Engineer


Yang Luxin, Bachelor Degree, Served as Technological Research Director and Manager of Tanyun Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd. Responsible for research areas: fine chemicals functional material structure design, fine chemicals functional material application and function and design of Solid propellant component. Has participated in research and managerial work for 18 years and gained abundant practical experience. Used to participate and lead over 10 municipal and provincial research projects. Obtained Provincial Second Prize of Technological Progress with ’2,2-BIS(ETHYLFERROCENYL)PROPANE‘;Obtained the First Prize of Municipal Technological Progress with the project of The modification and formulation of Flame Retardant Polyurethane Foam Joint Mixture;Obtained the Municipal Second Prize of Technological Progress with ‘Research and Production of Copper Chromite’. Take charge of 5 SASTIND military supporting project s since 2013, 2 of which are successfully finished. Published 3 paper in domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences, and obtained 3 invention and 1 authorization of national patent. Has outstanding ability in project development and management.