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Yang Jun

Name: Yang Jun

College: Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctoral Degree

Professional Title: Researcher, Project Leader

Research areas: Synthesization of Functional Organic Molecule and New Reaction of Multiphase transition metal catalysts.


Yang Jun, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Researcher of Hundred Talents Project, Project Leader, Member of Youth Innovation Promotion Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently focuses on green space propellant, new oxidizing agent, high density material, ignitor and Insensitive energetic material.

(1)Design and Synthesization of High Density CHON organic molecule, including synthesization methods of organic funtion micromolecule with high tension and high enthalpy, and design synthesization of High Density Cage Type Hydrocarbon Compound and Ionic Containing Materials with High Density.

(2)Design and Synthesization and Function Research of Ferrocene polymers, mainly including Ferrocene polymers’structure, stability and catalytic performance and relations among them.

(3)Organic chemical reaction of transition metal catalysis, including transition metal heterogeneous catalyst with high-activity and long longevity, and the mechanism reaction research and application research of hydrogenation and coupling.

(4)Research of thermal chemical and catalytic reactions under the condition of high temperature. Generally, the time of chemical reaction is short under high temperature, which makes it important and difficult to obtain reaction intermediate and to explore reaction mechanisms. The aim is to achieve controllability and adjustment of high temperature chemical reactions by studying new analytical technology and obtaining reaction mechanism.