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Qu Jianxing

Name: Qu Jianxing

College: Yunnan University, Chemical Department, Organic Chemistry, Bachelor Degree

Professional Title: Senior Researcher

Research areas: Organic silicon one-component room temperature silicone sealant, silicone emulsion and organosilane


born in Jan, 25, 1962 in Lijiang, Yunnan Province.Obtained Bachelor Degree of Organic Chemistry in Yunnan University. Studied in the department of polymer chemistry in RWTH Aachen University during 1994-1996 (Government Funded Overseas Study). Worked as a senior researcher in RWTH Aachen University and Chemische Werke Huls AG during 1996 and 1997, responsible for the development of organic silicone products (worked for 1.5 years), which covers organic silicon one-component room temperature silicone sealant, silicone emulsion and organosilane


1983-1987 focused on the development of Epoxy resin and the adhesive as a technician in Chenguang Chemical Research Institute; 1987-1993 focused on Photoelectron sealing material in Chengdu Organic Silicone Research Center as an engineer;1994-1997 Studied Anionic ring-opening polymerization and organic silicon graft copolymer under Professor Hawk’s instruction in RWTH Aachen University as a senior visiting scholar of National Education Committee; 1996~1997 focused on researches of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, Organic silicone modified polyether defoaming agent and flow ping agent and Organic silane and silane cross-linked polyethylene in Chemische Werke Huls AG as a senior researcher; 1997~1998 focused on the development of organosilicon surfactant in China Organic Silicone Engineering Center;1998 worked as Senior Technology Manager in Chemische Werke Huls AG, responsible for promoting technical market in Greater China Region; 1999-2003, worked as General Manager of Wacker Chemie AG; 2003-2008, Worked as Senior Technician of Organic Silicone Technology Cooperation in Greater China Region, responsible for research and development of core organic silicone products. 2005, became a member of Dow Corning and Wacker Joint Project Board and took charge of Zhangjiagang Project and meanwhile responsible for promoting technical market of sealant factory as the general manager of organic silicone sealant project. During 10 years’ work experience in Wacker, helped its organic silicone business increase USD 180 million from USD 25 million. In, Nov, 2008, established Shanghai Haigui Organic Silicone Research Institute and Jiangsu Kexing New Material Co., Ltd, and took charge of key research and product development of organic silicone. Employed as the guest professor and expert in National Organic Silicone Key Laboratory, School of Chemical and Chemical Engineering, Yunnan University and Zhonglan Chenguang Chemical Engineering Research Institute.