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Lai Guoqiao

Name: Lai Guoqiao

College: Zhejiang Normal University, Doctoral Degree

Professional Title: Professor

Research areas: organic silicon chemistry, applied chemistry, high polymer material

Professor of Zhejiang Normal University, has focused on research of organic silicon material. Participated in over 30 projects including National The 8th Five Years ‘Plan Technology Innovation (1991), National 863 Project, Technology Innovation of General Equipment Department, National No.11 Key Project, SASTIND Military Project. Professor Lai’s research achievements are in a world leading level. Obtained 7 Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Education, applied over 40 inventions and patents and published 47 SCI paper. Professor Lai’s research results on silicone rubber and adhesive have been applied in Shenzhou Spaceship. Research area is High Polymer Material. Received awards including Excellent Teacher of Hangzhou Educational System, Hangzhou Best Ten Youth, Zhejiang Outstanding Youth, Hangzhou Advanced Technology Practitioner, Hangzhou Outstanding Talent, Hangzhou Youth Technology Award, Zhejiang Youth 5.4 Medal. Member of the 5th Material Department of Science and Technology Committee, Ministry of Education. obtains special government allowances of the state council, Representative of Hangzhou 11th People’s Congress, Teaching Leader of Zhejiang Colleges and Universities, Leader of Zhejiang Key Discipline: Organic Chemistry. Advanced Individual of Hangzhou 131 Project. Position: Chancellor Assistant of Zhejiang Normal University, Director of Key Laboratory of Organic Chemistry and Material, Ministry of Education. Dean of College of Material and Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang Normal University. Executive Member of China Fluorine Silicone Industry Association, Associate President of www. Cailiao. Com. Member of The Chinese Association of Young Scientists And Technologists.