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Hu Ziqiang

Name: Hu Ziqiang

College: Zhejiang University

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Research areas: high polymer chemistry, physical chemistry, participated in national natural science fund projects and projects of Ministry of Education; Led Scientific projects of Zhejiang Department of Education and projects of Hangzhou Normal University, taking charge of preparation of Atom-transfer radical-polymerization and chiral polymer.

1. The application of asymmetric synthesis reaction triggered by D-(+)- glucose in the synthesization of Pril type medicine, (No.20376016),National Natural Science Fund, No.4

2. The segmented copolymer of active aggregation and growth triggered and controlled by the surface of SiO2, Zhejiang National Natural Fund and Professionals Project

3. Zhejiang Province Youth College Teacher Grants Program ( Zhejiang Education and Hi-tech project (2003), No, 211, project leader, Zhejiang Department of Education, Project number: 020101,)