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Ultraviolet radiation has become the main cause of skin cancer

Boron nitride is a common multi-functional additive, mainly in the field of chemical applications, boron nitride has also been widely used in cosmetic formulations mainly because of its unique properties at the same time with smooth texture, good adhesion, bright white gloss , Heat characteristics and easy to cooperate with a number of advantages. Currently used in a variety of formulations, such as: powder, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and rejuvenation formula. Thus, Boron Nitride does highlight the advantages of changing the visual effect in many formulations. At present, there are a number of different specifications for special requirements such as slippage, brightness, adhesion and oil absorption coefficient. Now our boron nitride is already a special material for cosmetic applications. Full use of the size of the differences in particle size, crystal size, and surface area and other physical properties to highlight the various needs on the formula. The classification of these specifications is the key to changing the characteristics of the formula, the difference in optical visual effects will be described in detail below.

The optical properties of boron nitride are substantially the same as those of the most commonly used cosmetic materials, with a slight increase in softness. In many powder materials, boron nitride is more prominent physical properties can be seen from the above chart, boron nitride has a good dispersion effect of very low reflectivity, and shielding ability.

To increase the direct transfer effect, the particle size or slip must be increased; to increase the dispersion effect of the powder particles must be relatively small, to reduce the reflection effect must also reduce the size of the particle.

Therefore, to highlight the soft focus effect must choose the material has a good transfer effect, a high degree of dispersion and low reflectivity. However, all boron nitride specifications have the above basic demand characteristics. Choose to use boron nitride, but the only can have these characteristics at the same time with high slip and high adhesion of good material.

Cosmetic grade boron nitride powder can be applied to foundation powder, powder, lipstick, talcum powder, eye shadow, blush, sun cream and moisturizing skin care products.

Boron nitride application in the cosmetics component

氮化硼應用在化妝品成分中所佔 %

Lip and eye pencils


Face and body powder


Eye shadow/blushes






Skin care lotions





Sun infrared radiation has been proven to be the main cause of skin cancer, as UV exposure to skin damage caused by the same reason. Therefore, more than half of the sun's exposure to infrared light is now classified as an important issue that should be blocked, compared to the early discovery of UV rays. And boron nitride is the only most effective barrier to infrared sunscreen products to add materials

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